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16 April 2014 @ 5:44 AM


For those who have been into kpop for a while, it’s no secret that Shindong is one of the most ‘hated’ idols by kpop fans. If you’re new to kpop, well then, now you know. Why? People who hate him claim it is because Shindong, more often than not, proved to be a ‘sexist, insensitive jerk/asshole/douchebag’ etc etc through some of his actions and/or words. Now I am not here to condone his mistakes. Of course Shindong screwed up but the thing is, so did other idols too because they’re human and they’re the result of their culture (and God only knows how cringe-worthy korean culture can be at times!). However, it irks me how he’s always singled out and instantly called names while with other idols there will always be a herd of fans trying to rationalize or even justify their behaviour. Why again? Because kpop fandom is fickle and  superficial. Because it all boils down to the fact that Shindong is ‘that ugly fat’ idol no one cares about. The only times he gets noticed and suddenly becomes ‘gorgeous’ is when he’s on diet. The most honest ones will just admit to it. The others, that is the majority of kpop fandom, will just find an excuse to feel less guilty/uneasy about the way they feel/think about Shindong. If Heechul makes a snide remark/comment (which can be true but hurtful too), everyone is like ‘lol oppa so funny’. When Hyukjae says he wouldn’t let his wife have a job and/or go out alone, it’s ‘wow oppa is the protective husband type’. Leeteuk says Suzy must lose weight, fans are suddenly reasonable enough to make it less personal and blame it on Korea’s obsession with skinny figures in general. Recently, Luhan said Tao’s dark skin is a problem and Kai is always made fun of for the same reason and most people are ‘relax they’re friends and just joking around’ and the list goes on. Even if the issue is addressed, it would soon die out and you don’t see any of these ‘oppas’ popularity dwindle. Shindong doesn’t have a right to this treatment because he doesn’t have the looks to make up for whatever shit he’s caused. He’s not ‘handsome’ enough, he’s not ‘slim’ enough, he’s doesn’t have enough abs. He’s the idol with the least idol-like image kpop culture engrained in us.

Now, he is being pointed at again because like any normal person, he was in a relationship that didn’t work out and he’s moving on with his life. God forbid he’s happily dating a pretty girl. She must be doing it for the fame and money, because no way ‘fat ugly’ Shindong can have a girl like her. You know what? None of us is Kang Shi Nae, so this is actually what you think and what you would do and this is when you need to take a moment and reflect on it.

Most fans criticize Korea and kpop when the truth is we’re no different. We prentend to love them unconditionally when the fact is we don’t. I myself am guilty of some the things mentioned above but at least, I try to be honest to myself. I am not perfect, no one is.

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before yixing’s unseen photo was revealed

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yixing wants luhan’s tokyo banana

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Chen giving his prize to baekhyun as thank you gift 

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Cutie Yixing @ Greeting Party in Japan

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exo - overdose teaser

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Lay waving handsomely like the man he is.

Lay waving handsomely like the man he is.

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140407 Siwon and Hangeng at Jackie Chan’s Birthday Event. [x]

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